June 2015 Trip Recap


Here’s quick recap of my trip to Edinburgh in June.

I had a university tour on Monday, June 15 where I got to see the campus as well as meet with some of my future professors.  My classes are in the old medical school building, so there were a lot of corridors and dead-ends in the building. (But that just added to the charm!) I also go to see the lab spaces where I will be conducting much of my research.

The University is very centrally located with the Meadows (a huge park area) nearly on top of campus.  Everyone either bikes or walks.

As for the city itself, it is definitely a city of many personalities.  High Street and the area around the castle were heavy with tourist traffic.  The Grassmarket featured more local shops and pubs.  I’m sure I will be able to catch onto the student locations easy enough!

When September rolls around, I’ll be heading back over around the 9th.  I will be able to move into my dorm on the 12th.  You all should be able to check this blog frequently starting then for more updates.

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