In which I become an Olympic Airport Terminal Sprinter…

So yesterday, (9 September 2015) I left home!

My dad and I loaded my Prius with my bags and drove to KCI to wait for our flight to Newark at 2:30.  We arrived at the airport around 12, which gave us enough time to check my bags and get through international security.  Unfortunately, this also meant we would be waiting a few hours in the terminal for our flight.

A few hours soon turned into five.

I know most travel has a few hiccups.  I remember sophomore year, all of my flights to Italy got deleted by the airline.  Perfect travel is honestly not a true reflection of international travel … I expected a few bumps, but running across two terminals in 15 minutes was not one of them.

There was a problem in Newark with air traffic control, so our flight out of KCI was delayed by two hours.  Our connecting flight to Edinburgh was scheduled to depart at 8:10.  It’s a two and half hour flight to Newark from Kansas City (on a good day).  I know I’m not that great at math… but our flight from KCI would not make it to Newark before eight.

Departing from KCI around 4:10, it looked like I was going to miss my flight and be forced to rebook for a later time.  Which would have still gotten me to Edinburgh, but at a later time and I would have a long layover in London.  After a really long day already… I really just wanted to be in Edinburgh.  That and all my bags had already been sent ahead.

The entire flight to Newark I had my fingers crossed for an early arrival.  The flight attendant on board did everything she could to tell the pilots to drive just a tad faster.  It must have worked.  We arrived in Newark at 7:40 instead of 8:00.

Good.  Right?

Sort of.

We landed in Gate 20 in Terminal A.  My flight to Edinburgh was Gate 112 in Terminal C.

That and the plane we took was a small domestic plane with no room for carry-ons.  Everyone on board had been forced to gate-check in KCI.  So, there I was, waiting for my bags to get onto the ramp watching the seconds tick by on my watch.  My flight to Edinburgh was already boarding two terminals over.  My dad and I grabbed our bags and raced to the bus service that was the only way between terminals.  Luckily the bus was waiting for us and left as soon as us and a few others connecting to Edinburgh boarded.

Unfortunately, the bus had to stop at Terminal B.

Also, unfortunately, the bus parks below the terminal.  I don’t think I’ve ever climbed stairs faster in my entire life.  Also, also, unfortunately, Gate 112 is at the far end of the Terminal.  I don’t think I’ve run faster in my entire life.  There is just about someone running frantically in an airport dragging a roller-bag behind you that just screams “Get the F***K out of my way.”

But, I can say that I made it just in time.  I was sweaty from running in layered coats, a scarf, and boots, but I was on the plane.  It might have been embarrassing showing up to the gate desperately in need of an inhaler… but at least I’m writing this sitting in my room in Edinburgh.

Moral of the story? Cardio training for an international flight is a must.

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