8 thoughts on “Uni Life Update 15-11-15

  1. Jean M Younger says:

    Great video, you shouldn’t pick on your gift giving father prior to Christmas, bad planning. I’d like to know more about your classes, particularly how the lectures and discussion groups work? I’d also like to hear about your teachers, good, great, boring, bad? Can you take your laptop to the Buttery? I’d like to see where you eat and what you eat? Are you looking at flats? Who are you looking with? What about Thanksgiving? Have you located and bought a turkey? That should get you started. Make sure you check your old phone and give Mom a call or skype early this week so you can work out Thanksgiving details. I’m very proud of you and so happy to see the smile on your face! Love you so much!!! Padre’


    • kenndol says:

      dad, you send weird things in the mail. don’t get me wrong, baymax is brilliant – but it’s so weird, dude. taking my laptop and vlogging in the JMCC probably isn’t a good idea, i mean it’s not the weirdest thing that has happened in there by far, but eh. we eat a lot of yams. yes looking at flats with friends from dorm!! still attempting to track down a bird been very busy with essays but now have more time. much love.


  2. Crosby Dold says:

    hey have your friends watch my video i would appriecate it because YOU NEVER TALK TO ME IN YOUR VIDEOS I FEEL SAD. also vlog a mountaneering trip or have your friends do a american foods test or something. Just take the video out of the dorm


    • kenndol says:

      they have and they said that you are very talented. i agree. and i am very disappointed i will have to miss you in your play. plz film it and send it to me!!! i will address you in the next video. stay tuned. i may vlog this weekend, but considering the weekends consist just crying and falling in mud it would paint a very disillusioned picture of the ‘super mega awesome adventurer’ i am attempting to portray. i can film myself doing laundry is that enough?


  3. Mallory M says:

    A) Did not know that National Geographic History is a thing
    B) Celtic history is unfun and stups but I am glad you’re not hating it
    C) Use whatsapp like a normal person could that have not solved your fone prob
    D) Im gonna mail my body to you I miss you
    E) JK I don’t know how much that postage would be
    F) Okay come home and go see Thomas Hart Benton w me
    G) Oh my goodness guess what fun fact I have for you: my first relative to emigrate from Scotland to Murica’s name was likely Gaylord McFall I cried laughing in the libarary after learning this thing of my gaylord ancestors and think of this gaylord at home often goodbye for realzies now
    – ur fav mal pal mail pal,
    mal pal


    • kenndol says:

      a) yes. yes it is and deals with real things and not aliens.
      b) celtic civ is the best class.
      c) probs could have done that but i cried about it instead.
      e) worth it.
      f) I AM!!! im home for new years and yes we will go see it.
      g) im so proud. imagine young sweet gaylord in front of the fire knitting his christmas stockings. smol cinnamon roll. too pure for this world.


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