Bucket List Review

If you remember, (or if you’ve recently read it because you’re a #blogstalker) I wrote a Semester 2 bucket list before the WI-FI broke terminal wide (stopping my download of Return of the Jedi. I’m still mad) during that dreaded 6 hour layover in Newark.

It’s a just about half term (probably?) so I figured I’d take a look back at it and see what I’ve accomplished.

First on the list was finding a flat. Check!  I’m moving in with three friends I met through the EUMC!  They’re honestly great.  We all bonded over mutual winter camping suffering.  I can’t wait until next year.  Right now, we’re planning on how we are going to decorate.  It’s probably going to include ice axes and OS maps… figures.  But also rumors of trips to the local architectural salvage for antiquing!   It’s a great flat in a really central location, my room has wall to wall, floor to ceiling bookshelves!  You can even see the castle from the kitchen and apparently also, the shower.

Next on the list was traveling.  Check!  Honestly, I cannot stress how blessed I am to have these opportunities.  I’ve continued to go out on the weekends with the EUMC for camping and hiking as well as smaller day trips around Scotland to see historical sites (read: hug and cry on castles).  A lot of these day trips line up with what I am studying in my courses.  It’s a great chance for me to apply what I’m studying to real life.

This weekend I’ll be going out to the club bothy for some nifty DIY.  This spring I will be heading to Spain with the club to go sport climbing!  I’m so excited for this trip, but I will bring some of my coursework because exams start two weeks after I get back.  (I am an anxious nerd who can’t leave things to the last minute.)  It’ll be 13 nights in a tent (My brand, new, sparkly tent so shout out to Grandma Sue!), but it’ll be Spain – so sunny and warm!  Finally, the excavation this summer!  I’ll be off to Romania where I will be working with Neolithic skeletal remains!  I cannot wait to do this excavation, osteo-archaeology is honestly the coolest.

The third thing on the list is learning how to climb outdoors (*cough* so I can be as cool as Lara Croft *cough*).  Next week I’m taking a safety course with a few friends to get ready for Spain.  Until I leave in April, I’ll be running, climbing, and training for the trip.  I really want to make the most of it.

So oddly enough (and this never happens), I managed to accomplish a lot of what I set out to do this semester… time to make a new list.

Academically speaking, I’ve turned in two of the five papers due this semester.  Yet to get them back, but should have them in my sweaty hands soon.  Fingers crossed.  I have started research for my three big essays due at the end of this month.  They are over really awesome topics.  I will have a chance to explore the conflict between the Anglo-Saxons and the Britons during the fifth to ninth centuries, what human remains say about individual people and their broader societal context, and use Statistical Accounts of Scotland to explore a parish of my choice.  I’m using that last essay as an excuse to visit the National Library of Scotland to look at old manuscripts for research.  Because, why not?

Exam timetables are also out and my three exams are pretty evenly spread: April 29, May 8, and May 18.  I sort of wished I would be done sooner, but since my plane to Romania doesn’t leave until May 22, it’ll at least give me something to do.

That’s pretty much life at the moment.  That and lots of coffee and reading (actually downing an Americano before I run to my Celtic Civ lecture as I type this).

Until next blog.

2 thoughts on “Bucket List Review

  1. Mom says:

    luv you and miss you. Was hoping to talk to you this weekend. Maybe I can catch you this evening as I will be back in Lawrence. early. Have a wonderful day!!!


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