End of Semester Timetable.

Happy belated Easter everyone!  I spent the day yesterday walking around the city.  It was rainy in the morning, but the sun came out in the afternoon making it a gorgeous day.  I went to see the Celts exhibit at the National Museum as well.  It was a fantastic exhibit with artifacts from all over Europe including the Gundestrup Cauldron!!!

This morning, I turned in my last essay for the semester (Archaeology essay about the study of human remains).  This week is the final week of classes.

I could not be happier with how this year has gone.  I also cannot believe just how fast it passed either.  It seems just yesterday I was running through the Newark Airport to catch my flight.

The semester is coming to a rapid close with just Spring Break, Revision Week, and then Exams.  Here’s a list of things that will be happening to finish out the semester.

Today, I have a meeting at the National Museum of Scotland!  I was selected to be a member of the Young Demonstrators, a youth-outreach group at the Museum who helps to plan events to further engage the community.

Tomorrow is my last archaeology tutorial of the year.  We will be discussing Roman Britain.

Thursday is the last official day of classes for me.  I have two lectures: Celtic Civ and Scottish Studies.

This weekend I will be preparing for my climbing trip to Spain for Spring Break,  I fly out next Tuesday.  I cannot wait!  The trip will be fantastic and the weather is going to be amazing!  Nice and warm and sunny!  I’ll be in Spain for the whole break.

My dad is coming out to visit me when I get back from Spain and I am so excited to see him. He’s already requested I show him some of the cool pubs around Edinburgh.  (Don’t worry Dad, I’ve got a list.)

Revision week is from the 21st to 28th of April.  My first exam is on the 29th.

But! My 19th birthday is on the 28th, and to celebrate I will stop being a pansy and go get the Athenian Owl tattoo I’ve been talking about for ages.  The appointment is already set so no backing out now.  I’m getting it centered on my left scapula.

My two other exams are the 8th and 18th of May.

This morning I got my flights to Romania.  I will be flying from Edinburgh with other students to Bucharest and then take a train to Turnu Severin.  The dig team will pick us up and then we will stay a the dig house just outside of Schela Cladovei.  The dig runs from May 21st to June 11th.  It’ll be a lot of skeletal excavations so bones, bones, and more bones!!

I’ll be flying back to Edinburgh and couch crashing (swapped for homemade mac and cheese and alcohol) for a few day to sort my stuff out and decompress after the excavation. Then it’s back to the States.

I’ll be home from around the 16th of June to the beginning of September.  Time to see friends, family, and spend time with Rory.  Already checked out the climbing gym at KU and I can get a ‘home for summer’ membership, so I can keep climbing over the summer!  Just need someone to belay me (*cough* Mom?  Dad? *cough*).

Also, I’ll probably hide inside because I’ve gotten used to cold, rainy Scotland and Kansas summers were already unbearably dry and hot.



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