Spain Soundtrack

When I travel I try to always have music with me, it makes waiting at the airport/not having to talk to people on the flight a lot easier.  I also find it cool to listen to songs after a trip and remember all the cool stuff.  Anna Sun by WALK THE MOON is one of the those songs that whenever I hear it, I always think of my trip to Italy in 2013.

And because I’m lazy, I usually just end up listening to the same songs on repeat for a whole trip.  For Spain, that happened with Bleachers’ album Strange Desire.  

So here’s my Spain soundtrack!

One thought on “Spain Soundtrack

  1. Mallory M says:

    I’ve been very into the female/bleachers stuff. Bc I do not really like Jack Antoffs voice but I think he is talented and creative. Check that out for a switch up.


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