Scotland Soundtrack #9

Another playlist!

Tomorrow is my 19th birthday so I’ve been thinking a lot about the past year and moving forward.  I’ve set a few goals for the coming year, but as always I just aim to stay a loyal, honest person and do what makes me happy.  Oh, and continue to academically destroy and get the best degree I can.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about home since my dad came to visit me… and stay safe guys!  I can’t believe there’s already been tornados touching down… it’s still April!  And honestly, I am a little angry that I’m not there to storm watch!  Thunderstorms (along with my cat) are one the things I miss the most about Kansas.  Just to picture, because Kansas is so flat with vast prairies, huge thunderstorms just roll across the land.  Watching the lightening was always my favourite.  And, to non-Kansasan readers, there is one way to tell a native Kansan from the rest of the population: when there’s bad weather (eg. tornadoes, lightening, etc) native Kansans go outside to watch.  But here across the pond, we’ve had some Kansas grade bi-polar weather in the last few days.  It hailed/snowed yesterday morning and was sunny by yesterday afternoon.  (How people can still argue that global warming isn’t real is beyond me…)

But, anyway enough rambling… enjoy the music.

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