one week to go

Bună ziua! I leave for Romania one week from today!

To say that I’m excited is an understatement.

The last couple of weeks have been a little hectic with exams and revision so I apologise for not posting as much as I had been… so this post will be a bit of a catch up.

I’ve taken two of my three exams so far (Archaeology 1B and Celtic Civ 1B) with my last one (Scottish Studies) on Wednesday.  I’ve felt really good about my exams and was happy with how the courses this went this semester.  It has been a little annoying though because of how spaced each exam is – all my exams are 10 days apart from each other.  Most of my friends are already done and two of them have already left for home so it’s a little annoying that I’m still in #examhell but that’s just the way things go I guess.

I’m mostly moved out of my room in Pollock, everything I don’t need for Romania or for the States is boxed up and already in the flat. (I’ll make a Packing for Romania later this week so stay tuned.)  So that’s been really exciting.  Baymax is already in his place of honour in the turret. (Yes, the flat has a turret. #princess)  I’m really excited for the flat next year and it is very close to the Uni, about a 5 minute walk to the Old Medical School.  I’ve met some really great people here in Pollock, but I can say that I’m ready to get more of my independence back and not have to deal with screaming people 24/7 … that and be able to actually have food in the refrigerator and not worry about people stealing it…

This week I spent Wednesday and Thursday volunteering at the National Museum of Scotland with the youth group I am a member of.  A group of high schoolers came in to learn about how museums work.  I really enjoy volunteering there, the NMS is a great museum and I’ve always loved making history more engaging and accessible to young people.  Because, in all honesty if history is just kept to academia it’s going to die as a subject.  You have to make the public interested and find new ways to inspire people to learn about their past… bla bla bla.  It’s important.

Tonight is the first committee meeting for the EUMC.  I’m really excited to get more involved in the club next year and help out with the bothy.  The club is actually taking a huge 2 week(ish?) road trip at the end of May through June, but it’s right over when I’ll be excavating skeletons in Romania.  I’m a little bummed that I won’t be able to make the Road Trip, but I’ve got three more years so I’m not fussed.  Plus I mean… archaeology.

I am sad to be leaving Scotland so soon though.  I’ve really gotten to know Edinburgh and I know I’ll miss it over the summer.  It’s a wonderful city and I mean… it’s got a castle right in the middle.  But, I will be back from June 11 to the 15 to do laundry and sleep after spending three weeks in sunny, hot Romania, so it’s not goodbye yet!

That’s about it.  It’s just going to be a lot of waiting this next week for things to happen.  Which is sort of how time works.  Crazy.  Actually though, my mom shared one of those ‘Facebook 1 year memories’ yesterday and it was of me graduating high school.  It just really hit me at how fast/slow – different is probably the best word – this year has been.  But, I’m not going to get sentimental. I finish up my first year at University on Wednesday and then off to Romania for my first archaeological excavation on Saturday.


One thought on “one week to go

  1. Anonymous says:

    So happy you found home in Edinburgh. It is your special place, like Lawrence was for me. Selfishly can’t wait to get you for a few months this summer. Love you, Padre


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