Story Mode 25% Complete

And, that’s first year.

This Wednesday, I had my last exam at 9:30 AM.  I finished by 11 AM – bringing my first year at the University of Edinburgh to a close.  What. A. Year.

After I handed in my script books, I went to grab a coffee at Black Medicine.  Sinking into the comfy couch in the basement I thought about just how much I’ve enjoyed this year.  I study what I love at a world class university and I’ve gotten to do and see some other pretty cool stuff.  I’ve gone camping and climbing in Scotland and Spain, gotten involved volunteering at the National Museum, and met some amazing new friends.  And, the best part is I’ve still got three more years.  (If this was a video game, like, oh, I don’t know… Tomb Raider, I would say the uni story mode is 25% complete.)

That afternoon, I went climbing with my three flatmates come September and then to Teviot for burgers and drinks.  It was a great way to celebrate the ending of exams.  And Wednesday evening was spent reading and crying over Marvel comics (I’m still really distraught about the ending to Winter Soldier #14) .

Just to recap the year, all my classes this year were wonderful.  I got to get right into archaeology and history courses (no maths!!!!!).  I enjoyed every lecture and the tutorial discussions always made me think or see the subject in a different way.  I know I’ve said this before, like a gazillion times, but seriously coming to Edinburgh Uni was the best decision of my life.  It was a bit of a tough decision to pack up and move to Scotland, but I haven’t looked back.  There wasn’t much for me in Kansas, I knew I had to go somewhere else to get where I wanted.

And because I know everyone is going to ask: my favourite thing about living/studying at Edinburgh is being able to make connections between my classes and real life.  Basically, studying something in class and being able to go out and see it in real life.  This happens all the time in Edinburgh but also on EUMC meets (eg. the Lakes District meet where I got to walk to a Roman Fort). I spent so much of my time growing up reading books or just looking at pictures of things I studied, actually being able to go and see something in person is… well, woah.

My least favourite thing about living/studying in Edinburgh is that fact that this country does not have white cheddar cheez-its. Shameful.

But… it’s not over yet.  I won’t actually be returning to Kansas until the middle of June.  As a first year archaeology student I’m required to undertake at least three weeks of fieldwork my first summer.  So, this Saturday it’s off to Romania.  I’ll be in Romania for just over 21 days and then it’s back to Edinburgh to rest up and do laundry… and then finally back to Kansas.

I’ve been packing up my room over the last week with nearly all my things moved over to the flat to be stored for the summer.  I’ve just got the bare minimum with me still at Pollock.  I’m actually moving out tomorrow morning.  I’m really excited to finally be moving out of halls and into a real flat, but I will miss the view from my window of the crags and how close I am to Holyrood Park.  I’m still debating on whether to take a cab or just carry the last of my stuff over, it’s barely anything but I will be carrying a lamp.  But, I mean, I’ve seen stranger things than people carrying a couple duffles and lamp around Edinburgh.

Finally, if I’m going to be completely honest, I’m really going to miss Edinburgh this summer.  I’ll only be away for 2 months but that really seems like a long time.  The city has its own personality to it and I’ve really fallen into the swing of my new life here.  That and it’s going to be really strange going back home and not being able to go out for drinks with friends.  But, I am glad to be able to see Rory and my family.

So that’s about all for now.  I don’t know how good the WIFI will be in Romania (the site is literally out in the middle of nowhere on the Romanian/Serbian border) but I’ll be keeping a log for the excavation and try to post photos on Instagram when I can.  Best advice is to just keeping watching this space.

– Kenn

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