End of Week 1

One week down.

I’ve been to all my introductory lectures and I’m really looking forward to this year.  My Osteology class looks really great, I had lectures on Thursday and Friday.  I’ve got my schedule of due dates planned out and ready to tackle my assignments.  Oh, I also picked up my new bike on Thursday (thanks Mom!). I love it a lot and it’s been awesome getting to class in two minutes.

Thursday night was ‘Beerienteering’ the EUMC social where three people are duct-taped together and then sent on a scavenger hunt like quest through Edinburgh to different pubs.  I competed last year and so this year I helped to marshal the race (being on committee and all #responsible).  Gregor and I ran one of the many challenges faced to the three-legged mountaineers.  After the last three-legged mountaineer gagged through our hot sauce challenge, we joined up with the rest of the club for lots and lots of drinks.  Mountaineering socials are fun.  Back at the flat, we made an entire bag of bacon.

But, I made it to class on time on Friday.  Granted, I took my new bike so it was like two minutes away. lol.

Friday afternoon, the flat took a trip to Ikea to pick up a few extra things we needed.  Gregor thankfully has a car so we all loaded up and drove the Ikea just outside of Edinburgh.  It was really fun going with my new flatmates, especially with Tuva and Erling being Norwegian they could translate some of the Swedish names in Ikea.  And spoiler guys, contrary to popular belief the names for things in Ikea have nothing to do with what the object is.  For instance, as Erling pointed out a toddler’s bed was named ‘snails.’

At Ikea, I picked up some more plants for my room – a ficus and a peace lily which I named Benjamin and Emile respectively. (Benjamin because I like the name and Emile after Remy’s brother from the Disney/Pixar film Ratatouille.  fave film.)  Mavis, my orchid, was glad to have some company. (side note: Mavis is growing rapidly and it’s a little terrifying, the ones I had at home did not do this.)   I also got a bag of Ikea meatballs.

Today, as I was cycling home, I passed the flower shop by my flat.  I noticed they had a tray of sunflowers outside and I knew I had to get one.  The sunflower is the Kansas state flower.  I named my new sunflower Naismith after James Naismith the inventor of basketball and one of the first coaches at KU (hometown represent!).  The last thing I’m looking for now is some lavender for my window box.  Lavender is pretty hardy so would be able to survive quite well in the window box.  Plus, it’ll make everything smell a lot nicer.  Especially with everyone airing out sleeping bags and tents.

It’s a little thing I guess, but I like having plants in the flat.  Both my grandmothers use to garden and my mom always tries to have a big garden at home.  My dad’s been in charge of the houseplants – so it’s a practical jungle in the kitchen.  It just feels a bit more like home now, I guess.

Today, I spent the day with my friends I lived with last year in Pollock.  We watched both the first and second Bridget Jones films last night and then today we went to see the new one in the cinema.  I really enjoyed it.  Really fun, nice film.

The weather today was definitely colder than it has been in last week and it was pretty cloudy all day.  I need to stop by the yarn shop to get another skein to finish my scarf.  I got a little ambitious and decided to double my stitches to make a nice chunky knit.

Other than that, life’s been pretty chill.  I’ve been running, going climbing, biking to class, drinking lots of tea, and reading lots of books.  I’ve been throwing together some new recipes with what we have in the kitchen.  I made a big vat of potato corn chowder the other week, and macaroni and cheese casserole with green peppers, onion, and bacon last night for dinner.  Putting broken cream crackers on top and then popping it in the oven was a big hit.  There’s two fresh fruit and veg places around the corner and a smaller grocer with the basics.  Oh!  And my World Archaeology magazine came in the mail today so I’ve got some new things to read.

It’s been nice.

Tutorials for my classes start up next week and the following week so I’ll be in the labs more this year.  I’m quite excited for that.  Other than that, I’ll just take things as they go and just continue to enjoy my time in Edinburgh.  I like getting my independence back this year after living in halls last year.  It feels more like home now – which is nice.


One thought on “End of Week 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad you found your home. You talk about Edinburgh how I talk about Lawrence. It is the place you are most comfortable being you. I always knew my family was in Wichita, but my home was Lawrence. It is now your turn, your home is Edinburgh and the family who loves you dearly is in Lawrence. You can really have it both ways! Love you, Padre’


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