Scotland Soundtrack 16

I spent the day in watching Luke Cage on Netflix because thank God the WIFI has returned. It took a lot of frustrated screaming (mostly on my part) and threatening to destroy the router with a hammer (also on my part) but it’s fixed and working.

I’ve also been researching postgraduate studies.  I found one in Human Osteoarchaeology which looks awesome but also one in Medieval History… questions on whether I could combine them?  I really just want to be a medieval osteoarchaeologist.  I watched a documentary about the excavation of Richard III and got super inspired.

I also made this snazzy playlist (see above).

Since my last post, I’ve finished week 2 of classes, read a bunch of articles about osteology, gone for some fantastic runs around the city (YAY!), and got caught in a downpour (Nay).  Last night, I went to the infamous GBH party aka the EUMC flat party.  The theme was ‘board games’ so I dressed up as Black Widow, covered myself in 200 googly eyes and went as ‘I Spy’ – a bored game.  Unfortunately no photos survive (read: I spent too much time attaching adhesive googly eyes to myself to remember to take photos).

On Monday, I’ll have my first Archaeology lab which I’m super excited for.  We get to look at Stone Age tools! YAYAY.  Next week, I’ve got my first tutorial/lab for Osteology.  The rest of the week looks really great, I’ve got to get cracking on my first essay.  It’s for my Modern Scottish History class, a source crit due on October 17 but I’ve got another one due for Osteology a week later so I don’t want to get jammed up.  This upcoming weekend I’m going down to the Lakes District to go camping and take a trad climbing safety course.  Another reason I need to get my stuff sorted for my assignments.

It’s also October so only one month until Christmas season!!!!!111!!!  I’ve already included some Christmas jams in the playlist for extra psyche.

Enjoy.  Best wishes.

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