Summer Excavation Plans

Archaeology is a practical discipline and like anything it takes practice.  Everything is in the final stages of planning but here are the most likely plans for excavations this summer, in case you were interested.

April – I will be using my Easter Holiday to go down to Chester to take part on the Poulton Research Project.  This is a two week field school which focuses on the excavation of a Medieval Graveyard.  I’ve been in contact with the site director and I’ll be able to work in the osteology labs during parts of the excavation.  I’ve booked myself a room on AirBnB in a cute B-Listed Georgian flat.  It’ll be a nice two week personal vacation where I get the chance to relax after term, excavate medieval skeletons, and maybe actually work on my manuscript.  Unfortunately, because this excavation does fall over Easter Holidays I will be missing the April Crush Climbing Trip (If you remember last year, I went to El Chorro in Spain to climb some giant rocks.).  But, as much as I love climbing this opportunity was too great to pass up.

June/July – I will be excavating at Bamburgh Castle for five weeks.  Bamburgh Castle was a stronghold from the early medieval period to the mid 16c.  I am so excited to be able to work on this site.  Career wise, I definitely see myself moving forward with medieval archaeology and Bamburgh is a hotspot.   The excavation is focusing on the castle’s inner walls where much of the commerce took place.  They are also attempting to get funding to excavate the castle crypts.  I’ll be camping for the five weeks, so no fancy flats this time!  Sorry if this is a bit short, but I am just so excited for this excavation I can’t really put words to it.  I mean… look at that castle.


July/August –  Edinburgh Uni has just opened an excavation near Pompeii.  I sent the application in and I am still waiting to hear back, but there is a high probability I will be here.  The Apolline Project is holding a two week ‘intensive bone bootcamp’ for aspiring Archaeo-osteologists which includes lectures and practical courses.  If I get the spot, I’ll be in the Naples area for two weeks and will get the chance to work with skeletal finds from Pompeii.  It’ll also be a great harken back to my first trip to Italy in 2013 and I will be able to see how much I’ve learned since then.  Also, a bit sentimental considering that trip was the decision maker for me pursuing archaeology… I’m sure there’s some footage around of me, at 15, crying in Italy about how much I love history.

It’ll be a busy summer with nine weeks on excavation, but I know it’s what I need to do if I really want to succeed.  I’ve got to stay focused, especially since I am seriously considering moving forward with a Masters and phD in Medieval Osteology.  It’s only second year and I’ve got a lot of time ahead of me, but I’ve never been one to leave anything to the last minute… especially with something as important as laying the groundwork for my future.  There even was a potential to work in Egypt, but I don’t think that will happen this summer due to bureaucratic red tape.

Truthfully, it’s not so much work when I really am enjoying the subject field.  I got all my marks back and got a first overall in Osteology so clearly I’m doing something right!

As for this week, it’s busy.  I’ve got a presentation for Medieval Europe to work on as well as a short report for Roman World.  The club went to Glencoe for the weekend and I wished I could have gone, but I just have work to get ahead on.  This upcoming weekend I’m taking a first aid course so won’t have much time to finish the paper and project.  But, my mom is flying in to visit me in two week and she will be here over Innovative Learning Week!  I’m really excited to see her, especially considering my time in American is going to be very limited this summer.

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