Scotland Soundtrack XXIII

Hello friends.  I’ve had a long week and I am very tired.

Just an update on life, I had two assignments this week.  My Medieval Europe presentation on ‘Death Monday’ and today I handed in my short report for my Roman Empire class. (‘Death Monday’ is so called because of my Archaeology Lecture at 11, Medieval Europe Tutorial at 1, Roman Empire lecture at 2, Archaeology lab from 3-5, volunteering at the NMS from 5-6, and usually a EUMC committee meeting around 7.30.)

The report I handed in today was a source crit about a cross-section image of the Colosseum.  I’m pretty happy with my submission.

The weather here in Edinburgh has been all over the place all week.  It’s been rainy and relatively cold, but today was actually sunny and sort of warm.  I’m done with classes for the next week so I’m excited for some down time.  Next week is a university wide break in classes so while Mom’s here I won’t have to work too much.

Anyway, here’s some jams I’ve been listening to this past week.

5 thoughts on “Scotland Soundtrack XXIII

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, Mom had to cancel her trip. She’s very upset about it, she really misses her daughter. Use the week to get ahead and Mom can possibly come out in March. Love you, Padre’


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