Out there in Jutland
In the old man-killing parishes
I will feel lost,
Unhappy and at home.

– Seamus Heaney (1975)


Ad Caledonia – To Scotland.  It’s Latin.



Hello, I’m Kennedy.

In 2015, I left Kansas and moved to Scotland to study History and Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. I graduated with a First in 2019.

I’m currently living in America before returning to Scotland in August 2020.

In Scotland, I met amazing friends, joined the Edinburgh Uni Mountaineering Club, worked on excavations including Neolithic settlements in Romania, Medieval castles and kirkyards in the UK, and examined the skeletal remains from a Roman trade city in Italy.  I have volunteer experience at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and the National Museum of Scotland.

Eventually, I wish to translate the complexities of history to the general public in new and exciting ways.  I love seeing people engage with history and a big part of my life has been dedicated to helping history and archaeology come alive.

This blog is for the people who put up with my incessant complaining.

❤ kenn