Sunday Adventures Without Wifi

The WIFI has gone down in the flat – cue screaming.

So apologies for lack of posting this week.  I’ve had to go to Starbs for WIFI and then I usually end up just reading for class because everything is online these days.

This Sunday I decided to actually be productive (read: stop moping about the WIFI).  So I wrote myself an old fashioned list and used up the rest of my cellular data to document my day.  And honestly, I’m not quite sure about the outcome…

For your viewing entertainment.


The WIFI returns on Thursday.  I’ll have Netflix again.  Thank God.

Anyway, it’s week 2 of classes.  This morning, I got my sorry butt out of bed and cycled to the gym for the 7:30 AM EUMC Core Work-Out.  I don’t think I’ve seen that time of day in months.  I came back to the flat and made bacon and eggs :D.  By then it was only 10 AM and it was a terrifying experience because I realized just how many hours in a day there actually are.  After a real breakfast, I went to the yarn shoppe around the corner from my flat and bought the stuff I needed to start knitting myself a blanket.  Scottish winters are cold.

I’m justing waiting for my lecture to start now and then after Tuva and I are going climbing at the Uni Gym.

I’ve got my first tutorial tomorrow morning at 9 AM (gross) but it’s for Modern Scottish History (YAY!).  Flat life is nice.  Although, I got major judgment from Erling and Gregor for making a fried PB&J sandwich for dinner.


Year 2

And Second Year is here!

Tomorrow I’ll be boarding my flight back to Edinburgh!  For as nervous and worried I was last year, I am so excited and ready to take on this year.

Enjoy the vlog feat Rory and a ‘start of the year playlist’ (favourites are 1, 2, 5, and 9).

Uni Life Update 24-4-16

vlog about Dad’s visit, revision, and exams.

Update: Spa day happened and then the fire alarm went off… I still had my green face mask on.  But, at least it wasn’t at 3 am this time.  I swear I have the worst luck with fire drills.