7 Days Left

I opened the refrigerator this morning and saw that the milk expires on September 14th.  I thought, ‘oh, I should probably drink this soon… the expiry dates are always a few days off.’  Then it hit me that I was going to be gone by then.  I’ll be across the Atlantic when the milk in the refrigerator expires.

It’s a rather small thing to be hung up on, but it made me realize the true gravity of my choice to leave for Scotland.

Choices always have two sides, what you chose and what you do not chose.  Some choices are straightforward. Those choices have a clear good decision and a clear bad decision.  For instance, I chose not to eat the whole bowl of candy so that I would not get sick.  However, I’ve learned that not all choices are so black and white.  A lot of them are grey.  A lot of choices have two, maybe even three, good options.

Since graduation, I could feel myself drifting farther away from the choices I could have made.  Every day closer to September 9th, I see two very distinctive paths – one of staying and one of going.

By making the choice to go, I gave up the path to stay.  Every day the path I gave up continues to fade.  And, it is sad.  I see the path my life could have taken disappear.  I am sorry that I could not travel both.

However, just because I am sorry does not mean that, if I could, I would take back my decision.

I needed to make the choice to go.  By going, I will open so many doors that I thought were locked forever.  I will be able to experience so many new things and gain a new world perspective.  I made the choice to go for myself.  Maybe, making that choice was selfish, but at this moment, in this time, I need to be selfish.

I have never wanted anything as much as I want to become an archaeologist.  And because, nothing in life comes free, I have to be willinging to give up something of equal value to achieve that dream.

I will miss my life here, to say that is an understatement.  I have had one of the best summers in my life.  I have spent this summer with some of the best people that I have ever met.  I will miss each one of them dearly.

But, if I never make a hard decision in my life, then what is it worth?

And so, maybe the milk in the refrigerator expires September 14th.  But, Freshers Week also begins September 14th.

15 Days Left!

Here’s just a quick update and a chance to test out my sharing options to make sure that everyone is able to properly view the webpage.

I’m down to the last two weeks and I cannot be more excited! My Student Visa has been mailed back from New York, I just will have to pick up Bio-metric Resident Permit (BRP) at the Edinburgh Post Office when I arrive. They changed a few things around in the more recent years so that the full visas are no longer issued directly into passports.

Currently, I am trying to start to organize my belongings and figure out what I need to take and what I should purchase over there. The electrical outlets are different so unfortunately, I’ll have to leave iPod dock-stations, curling irons, etc. State side. (US runs on a two prong AC and the UK runs on a three prong DC)

Over in Scotland, the university is finishing processing my information and I just recieved my confirmation of residency for my dorm. I’ll be staying in the Arthur’s Seat building! This is really exciting as my dorm is right next to Holyrood Park (an expansive park and recreational area great for hiking, running, and biking) and Arthur’s Seat (the large dormant volcano at the east side of Edinburgh at the end of the Royal Mile)!

Map of the central area of Edinburgh. I've circled my dorm, the University, Arthur's Seat, and the Castle.

Map of the central area of Edinburgh. I’ve circled my dorm, the University, Arthur’s Seat, and the Castle.

And of course, because I love mythology – Arthur’s Seat is the legendary site of where King Arthur is said to be buried in waiting – Arthurian legend ends with the travel of Arthur to Avalon in a near-death comatose state only to return when the need of his people demands it. On a historical note, the mountain is credited to be the place King David I (1124-1153) was given a sign from God to found Holyrood Abbey! Super cool stuff and also a really great view!

I have not been able to select my classes yet, Scottish Universities have students select classes when they arrive and meet with their Personal Tutors (US translation: Advisers) I have been able to look at class options and there is a really neat Osteology class that is open to First Years.

I am getting really close to my departure date and I cannot be more excited. I will keep everyone as updated as I can! If you have questions about the webpage or if you are having trouble viewing it, please contact me before I leave. It will be easier to alleviate the problems now rather than later.